About me

I’m a professional journalist and part-time artist who has worked in the media since 1986.

I’ve worked at the Boston Globe, The Californian (Temecula, Calif.), the Times Advocate (Escondido, Calif.), The North County Times (Calif.), the Hartford Courant, the Chicago Tribune and The Palm Beach Post.

I’ve covered everything from Super Bowls, to hurricanes, to presidential elections, corruption in politics, local crime and courts, you name it.

My art background started when I was a wee kid in Boston (as most of my doodle-covered notebooks from school can attest). I attended the Museum of Fine Arts for painting and sculpting in the late 1970s and took art classes at Northeastern University in Boston and Palomar College in San Marcos.

I started sports cartooning when in San Diego, starting up a weekly Padres Week in Review cartoon and did freelance work through the years.

I restarted the Week in Review idea upon returning to South Florida when the Heat picked up LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

I live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with my lovely wife and daughter and our two long-hair Chihuahuas, Rudy and Charley (RuRu and Pooky: you’ll hear more about them soon).

This is Rudy, a 12-year-old long-hair Chihuahua. Nicknamed RuRu


Charley, the often-sleeping long-hair Chihuahua. Also goes by Pooky, or Moosehead.

I’ll be posting more artwork soon.

If you are a website, newspaper, magazine, book publisher, etc. and think we could work together, contact me.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you like and/or dislike.


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